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Wikimedia Germany is a non-profit organization committed to promoting open knowledge. We support projects for the creation, promotion and distribution of free content. One of the most important projects is Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Wikimedia Germany has a rapidly growing office in Berlin, with currently 19 employees.

Early 2012, Wikimedia Germany e.V. will start the development of a new and ambitous project that will change the Web once again. We are currently looking for a number of people to help us with realizing this goal. The team will be based in Berlin, Germany, and the project aims to be implemented in one year. After completion of the project, we expect many more interesting software projects inspired by this one, so follow-up projects might be possible. In all positions it is a plus to understand Wikipedia and collaborative community processes and communities in general, to speak English and further languages, and to appreciate the scale of a project like Wikipedia.

Project manager (m/f)

The project manager has the task to remove all impediments that are blocking the team from reaching their goals, to moderate the team and team meetings, provide administrative support, accompany the development process, ensure that internal project rules are upheld, and support the team whenever needed by coaching and mediation. The project manager will pro-actively assist the project director in their daily work, and also support the project with any external and internal communication needs and knowledge to manage problem solving processes. The project manager has to be fluent in spoken and written form in both English and German, have very strong organizational and communications skills, a high flexibility, and be able to proactively support the team in order to keep it on track. In the beginning the manage will support the recruiting process with competency-based interviews.

Applications can be send to and more information about the position are available from Denny Vrandecic. Applications should be sent in by November 10.

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