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Wikimedia Deutschland’s leitmotifs are the values that the organization commits itself to in all its work. The current version was finalized on July 28, 2013 by the WMDE Supervisory Board.


„The organization works in partnership with communities and with their individual members. They may use the association’s resources to implement their ideas straightforwardly and to help shape its affairs.“

Wikimedia projects would be impossible without active communities. Wikimedia communities are Wikimedia Deutschland’s original and most important lifelines. One of the core duties of the organization is to ensure that these communities continue to thrive and grow by providing support and assistance, in the spirit of partnership. Wikimedia Deutschland makes all its resources available to communities for the implementation of their ideas and visions.


„We strenghten the concept of free knowledge in society.“

How knowledge can be acquired, worked with and proliferated has been a key question throughout the history of human civilization. Thanks to modern digital media, particularly Wikipedia, new answers to those questions have emerged. It is only possible to thoroughly impart and increase knowledge if access to it is free, and if it can be shared freely. It is an integral part of the work of Wikimedia Deutschland to educate the public about this fact and to enable people to use their knowledge freely. For this reason, we also draw attention to the legal framework.


„Our work is defined by openness to a variety of influences.“

Social structures and conditions, and personal preferences, arise from an extremely varied set of influences. Such variety is reflected in the acquisition, processing and reuse of knowledge. By being open to various interest groups, different forms of knowledge, and new and old techniques in the free use of knowledge, Wikimedia Deutschland makes the treasure of human knowledge accessible.


„We discuss experiences and share knowledge with organizations and networks, and work with them for the benefit of the Wikimedia movement and its principles.“

Wikipedia and all other Wikimedia projects are characterized by open, transparent and collaborative working principles. These principles also apply to Wikimedia Deutschland, and are in line with its basic understanding of interaction. They therefore also affect our understanding of cooperation and sharing.

Wikimedia Deutschland can be approached by all organizations, institutions, networks and communities that want to play a part in the transition to a society and culture of more freely accessible knowledge.


„We research, develop and share solutions for technical and social challenges.“

Wikipedia is the best-known example of how knowledge can be gathered collectively and fairly. The mechanisms behind it, however, are not very well known and therefore cannot be fostered and conveyed adequately. By building on the experiences of thousands of authors, Wikimedia Deutschland is able to explore these methods and basic principles in an age of great technical and social challenges. We develop tools and solutions, support external projects to achieve these aims, and make all the results freely available for use.