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Wikimedia Deutschland is offering a contract for implementing the GraphServ component for our Graph Processor project. Interested developers or software companies are invited to apply.

The Graph Processor project aims to develop an infrastructure for rapidly analyzing and evaluating Wikipedia's category structure. The goal is to allow categories to be used more like tags: it should make it easy to e.g. search in all categories under "Europe" while excluding pages under a stub-category.

The contract offered here covers the implementation of the GraphServ component, which is to function as a service by which applications can access the category structures of different wikis, similar to the way a database server would provide access to information stored in databases. Technically, GraphServ is a server that manages TCP connections and attaches them to instances of GraphCore, which do the actual processing of the category structures[1]. The server will be accessed by applications via client libraries written in PHP, Python, etc, which are not in scope of the contract but will be developed in parallel by Wikimedia Deutschland.

A rough specification of the GraphServ component along with requirements for the implementations can be found at Ausschreibung/GraphServ/Spec.

Note that GraphServ will be released as Open Source Software. While Wikimedia Deutschland will be the copyright holder for the software developed under contract, we will include the name of the actual authors in the copyright notice.

Applications should include the following:

  • The applicant's prior experience with designing and implementing client/server software, as well as any other relevant qualifications
  • An overview of the intended architecture of the implementation and the technologies used, along with a rationale for choosing this architecture and technologies over others.
  • A rough road map of the implementation, documentation and testing phases, with the appropriate mile stones.
  • Estimate of working hours needed
  • Time frame for the implementation (calendar weeks)
  • Total expected cost, including taxes

Please send your application to by April 29.